Thursday, February 12, 2015

“Response no longer required” error in nintex workflow

Error: “Response no longer required”

With Nintex , requirement was to create a workflow which passes through multiple approval process.
Workflow having Felxi tasks with customized task forms.
After publishing everything works well in development environment.
Time was to deploy the workflow at test environment, deployed workflow with manual import/export published it no error reported, its published successfully.

When first approval task starts, it started giving email notification something like below:

"Response no longer required"
A task regarding this item no longer requires your response:
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First was not sure, from where this notification coming up from workflow steps, as I haven't set any message like this in workflow, No error reported in workflow tasks, or in workflow history.
Invested almost a whole day to find the exact cause.
Finally found in flexi task configuration window under "Not require Notification"

Now I tried to find in Nintex community regrading what exactly "Not require Notification" is doing.

Not Require Notification will get sent in following scenario:

Sent when the user no longer needs to respond to the task. This can occur when:
•A task is assigned to multiple users but only one is required to respond.
•The workflow is terminated prior to the task being processed.
•An error occurs in the workflow at run time. 

Source :

At last, I got some hint from last point "
An error occurs in the workflow at run time" some run time error, my search headed towards what could be the error, created sample one step workflow with flexi task which ran well on test environment.
Means no configuration/installation issue of Nintex. only difference was customized task form.
Finally culprit found, its a customized task forms.

We need to manually import and export every flexi task's customized task forms to make it up and running.
After importing all the customized task form manually this "“Response no longer required” error is resolved.