Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nintex 2013: Show display name in email notification for person field

In Nintex 2013, requirement was to show the user's "Display name" in email. looks a very simple issue by looking at the definition. However, to achieve this in workflow have to choose proper way to implement.
Two options are available to get this.

1. Using "Call web service" action
2. Using " Query user profile"

To move ahead with first step, we need to use Regular expression, web service and query xml  as described here in lots of configuration require to make this work. as well to store credentials of admin to call the web service, need to make the constant in Nintex management.

So In my implementation, I choose second option, fairly simple to use.

Steps to use "Query user profile" action to get display name:

1. Add "Query user Profile" from actions tab

 2. Double click to configure it, and select the person field , here selecting "Created By" field of the custom list

3. Expand the properties to retrieve, and select "Name" , click on Add

4. Select the variable name where you want to save query result, here using string variable named "CreatedByDisplayName"

5. Now, add the email notification action and from insert reference add the workflow variable.

6. That's all we are done.

No configuration/web service call/credentials require to store.

Hope this will help you!