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SP2013 : Task list not visible to other users

I came across weird issue, I created a task list with the system account. This list is not able to view by any other users. Spent enough time on finding a cause. It was all due to IE, it was working fine with Chrome and other browsers. To make it work with IE: 1.  Active x and JS permissions has to be enabled. 2.  The site has to be in the trusted pool of you internet explorer.   3. D isable any extra add-o ns. Hope this small piece of information will save time

Create a custom view on Workflow Task Status

I came across to the requirement to create a custom view based on workflow status. Requirement was to show all the approved items. I found a interesting stuff, Filter will not work if we use words like below image: we would need use the number rather than the words (e.g. 2 instead of In Progress, 4 instead of Cancelled etc) Following list might help for this kind of requirement: Status Value Not Started 0 Failed on Start 1 In Progress 2 Error Occurred 3 Canceled 4 Completed 5 Failed on Start (retrying) 6 Error Occurred (retrying) 7 Canceled 15 Approved 16 Rejected 17 Hope this will save your time!