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Configure notes as attachments for entity forms - Missing "Attach a File" option

 Background & Problem : I was exploring the Power Portal for the first time, Portal was newly configured. I was trying my hands on Entiry forms and tables. While setting up the form, I came across weird issue of 'Attach file' option not visible. Although all the settings applied correctly as mentioned in Microsoft Documentation:  Configure notes as attachments on entity forms and web forms for a portal - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs Followed all the steps of adding metadata, additional settings, enable entity permission and all the required mentioned settings, still something was missing due to that was not able to see the notes attachemnt on form.  Solution : After spending couple of hours, got hint from Dynamics CRM, that applies here as well. If we want to enable notes attachment, have to add the entity permission specific for Notes Entity as well, along with the table/entity you created. Steps: 1.  Portal Management -> Security -> Entity Permission 2. Create a new