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Nintex Forms: Cannot open designer "An error occurred during an ajax call."

Recently I have installed the Nintex Workflow Forms and configured it. I have activated the web application feature and site collection features and all, however when I try to customize a list forms using Nintex designer I started getting error message that says  "An error occurred during an ajax call." When I did IISReset, it seemed to have fixed it. hope this small piece of information will save your time!

Nintex Workflow 2013, unable to publish workflow : soap:serverserver not able to process request object reference not set

Being a newbie with Nintex, I have installed and configured Nintex Workflow and Nintex Workflow Forms. easy to follow all the steps described on Nintex support page. After doing all the necessary configuration, tried to create very simple one step workflow to test. There I faced weird issue, I was able to save the workflow, however while publishing it was giving below error. Error was very generic, wasted couple of hours to find the exact cause as in workflow logic there was nothing. simple one step workflow it was. So pointer was going to configuration only, something in configuration is not proper which throwing this error. Solution : 1. Go to Central Admin 2. Click on Nintex Worklfow Management 3. Database setup -> Add Content Database ( I already configured it, still created new) 4. Configuration Database click Edit 5. Update the connection string with newly created database. 6. IISRESET And we are good to go. Hope this will save you