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SharePoint 2013 List CRUD operation using Angular and REST API

This article explains how to perform the CRUD operation on a SharePoint List using Angular JavaScript and the REST API. Create an empty SharePoint 2013 solution, In that add the module of Pages, JS & CSS. In pages module add new item, Test.aspx. In JS module, add new Javascript file with name Controller.js , CommonServices.js &  SharePointListModule.js Other Javascripts needs to add: 1.  angular.min.js 2. Project structure will look something like below: In SharePointListModule.js will create a App of angular, Paste the below code. //App creation var app = angular.module("SharePointAngApp", []) For doing a CRUD operation with SharePoint List, will create an Angular Service to make a SharePoint REST API calls, app.service('testService', ['$http', '$q', function ($http, $q) {//common services}]); This testService having dependency of $http & $q Information related to $http & $q