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SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow changes

Already, there are so many articles published about the new features and changes in SharePoint Designer 2013 that it’s a little late to write about this. But I think this would be useful. There are many new functionalities and enhancements added into SharePoint designer 2013. Added features allow designers to do more with workflows without requiring a developer to write custom code. If you select SharePoint 2013 option while creating workflow, you will get the following list of new features 1. Stages With 2013, concept of stage is introduced. It acts as containers in workflow, which allows one to structure the workflow from one stage to the other. Stages can be added to a workflow by clicking on Stage icon. Key points for Stages: All actions in the workflow must be contained in a stage A stage can hold one or more workflow actions, and will also have only one  Transition to stage  area.  The  Transition to stage  area defi