SharePoint 2013/ Office 365: SharePoint designer workflow fails to assign task to SharePoint group.

I faced the weird issue, that SharePoint designer workflow which we have created to assign task to all the members of the SharePoint group. Which was working fine for some group and suddenly started failing for the newly created SharePoint group.

I spend some time on research , debugged the workflow no luck there, then at last thought to compare the group settings as it works for few. That did a trick and come to know that relation of Group Visibility settings in SharePoint workflow.

If the Group Visibility is set to "Group Members" - Workflow will fail for this group, it will not assign the tasks or other group related operations will fail.

Workflow requires to have Group Visibility set to "Everyone". else it will fail.

I came to know two scenarios where it fails if visibility is not "Everyone"

1. When we assign task to SharePoint Group.
2. When we try to check from workflow that user belongs to particular SharePoint group or not.

I hope this small piece of information will save your time!


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